Detail View: Hyde Park Art Center Archive: Astrology is the Clock of Destiny

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Astrology is the Clock of Destiny
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[Aries] Julia Schmidt (American artist), [Taurus] Roland Ginzel (American artist, born 1921), Robert Glover (American artist, active ca. 20th century), Miyoko Ito (American artist, 1918-1983), [Gemini] Don Baum (American artist, 1922-2008), Richard C. (American artist), Thomas H. Kapsalis (American artist, born 1925) Ed Paschke (American artist, 1939-2004), Lester Saulberg (American artist), Murray Simon (American artist), Evelyn Statsinger (American artist, 1927-2016), [Cancer] Jack Harris (American artist, born 1935), [Leo] Sarah Anne Canright (American artist, born 1941), Margurite Munch (American artist), Jerry Phillips (American artist), Seymour Rosofsky (American artist, 1924-1981), Alex Wald (American artist), [Virgo] Edward C. Flood (American artist, 1944-1985), Christina Ramberg (American artist, 1946-1995), Barbara Rossi (American artist, born 1940), [Libra] Virginia Glossa (American artist), Kerig Pope (American artist, born 1935), Suellen Rocca (American artist, born 1943), Karl Wirsum (American artist, born 1939), Ray Yoshida (American artist, 1930-2009), [Sagittarius] Roger Brown (American artist, 1941-1997), Neal Felts (American artist), Ellen Lanyon (American artist, 1926-2013), John Miller (American artist, born 1923), Laren Wilks (American artist), [Capricorn] Vera Berdich (American artist, 1915-2003), Philip Hanson (American artist, born 1943), [Aquarius] Richard Loving (American artist, born 1924), Pauline Simon (American artist, 1989-1976), [Pisces] Buffy Zellman (American artist), [no Scorpio born artists]
exhibition: Hyde Park Art Center (Chicago, Illinois, United States)
October 8-November 6, 1971 (exhibition)
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Style Period: 
Twentieth century
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events; exhibitions (events)